George KAGKAS 3rd Dan Panteio Aikido.


"George L. Kagkas, primary was seeking methods of self-defense, has engaged in the martial arts since his teens, and in particular with the study of Ju-jutsu. In 2000 he began regular practice at the old AiKiDo dojo in Piraeus ("Aikikan Greece"), where under the guidance of Greek and foreign instructors of the Fumio Toyoda Shihan teaching line, he acquired 1st Dan (Aikikai). There, during his many years of training and integration into Tanren programs, he received training and basic skills in the arts of Aikibudo and Combat Aikido (Tapondo) respectively.

Since the end of 2012 he has joined as a member of the "Aikido Piraeus Association" dojo. Since then he has participated in many seminars and has been taught by high-grade teachers including the following: Edward Germanov, Tomohiro Mori, Shigeru Sugawara, Michael Ibers, Eamonn Devlin, Janet Clift, Yukimitsu Kobayashi, Emilio Cardia, Seishiro Endo and others. Today he holds the rank of 2nd Dan (Aikikai Greece) and has taken part in demontrations at the Greek Aikido festivals. Since 2016 he teaches as an assistant trainer in adult and novice departments in the dojo "Aikido Piraeus Association" and "Aikido Praxis" respectively".